Featured 18 Jan Gir Cow A2 Milk – The Health Benefits!

Gir Cow A2 Milk – The Health Benefits!

Happy Cows produce Happy Milk! Our Gir Cows which feed on our home grown fodder and are kept in a hygienic environment add to the quality of Gir Cow A2 milk they produce. We take special care to take our Gir Cows out for a walk on a sunny day so that they are able to harness the sun’s energy and the same is channeled to their Gir Cow A2 milk in the for Golden Salts.

Here are just a few benefits that the A2 milk from our Gir Cows share with you:

Amino Acids: Gir cow A2 milk contains amino acid which fights diseases like obesity, joint pain, asthma, metal problem.

OMEGA fats: Omega Fats in Gir cow milk regulates blood vessel.

Amino fatty acid : Amino fatty acid helps to improve fitness & vitality.

Calcium rich: Calcium present in Gir cow A2 milk is vital for bones growth and development. Calcium helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation cycle & also prevents migraine headache. It is also effective at preventing gout - a form of arthritis.

Prevention of Cancer: Gir cow milk protects the colon cells from the chemicals which lead to cancer.

Oxidation: Gir cow milk helps in maintaining body fat oxidation and also regulates secretion of parathyroid hormone – calcium secretion hormone. Which helps in maintaining bone health.

Prevents Anemia: Rich with vitamin B2 & B12 vitamin which helps in production of red blood cells. This helps to prevent anemia and facilitate production of nerve cells. Also, vitamin B12 aids the cells to use protein carbohydrates.

High on Vitamin A: Vitamin A present in Gir Cow milk stimulates development and growth of mucosa and epithelial tissues. A deficiency of Vitamin A leads to cold rheumatoid arthritis.

Heart Functioning: Potassium present in the Gir Cow milk is promotes proper heart functioning, nerve transmission and muscles contraction. It also prevents an infection in ear and various other diseases.

Prevents Kidney Stones Gir Cow A2 milk prevents kidney stone formation.

Reduces Acidity: Gir Cow A2 milk helps in reducing acidity.

Regulates Cholesterol: Gir Cow A2 milk prevents the formation of serum cholesterol.