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Multiflora Honey - 350 gm


Amodiva organic multifloral honey is 100% natural. Multiflora Honey is one of the best natural raw honey produced by honeybees which feed on the multiple flowers to collect pollen. The color and flavor can vary, it has a very pleasant and aromatic aroma, creamy appearance, and unique flavor of the variety of flower nectar.

Among others the bees at Amodiva Farm hover and fly around flowers like, lemon flowers, mustard flowers, sun flowers, roses, gazanias, marigold, calendula and many others to prepare one bottle of organic multifloral honey! 

Your search for raw honey near me has made you reach the right place! Order now and enjoy best natural raw honey there is!


Jamun Honey - 350 gm


Amodiva organic jamun honey is prepared by the bees when they forage on jamun flowers only. Thereby making the delicious monofloral jamun honey. Jamun has a rich colour and an astringent taste. Otherwise known as black plum or Indian blackberry. This distinct flavour and fragrance makes it one of the best natural raw honey! If you are looking for jamun honey or raw honey near me you have come at the right place!

Rightly so, apart from having a number of beauty and health benefits to offer, this fruit also encompasses innumerable medicinal properties, which generally aid in treating several ailments. Jamun Honey, on the other hand, encompasses various antioxidants and essential minerals for the body.