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Natural Raw Honey Jamun 350 gm

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  • Raw and Natural Honey
  • No added flavours & Preservatives
  • Unheated
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-viral           
  • Cures Cold and Cough                    
  • Helps heal wounds                           
  • Rich in Anti-Oxidants       
  • Boosts Energy  & Immunity

Amodiva Raw Honey comes straight from the traditional Bee keepers. Amodiva Raw Honey is unfiltered, un-heated, unpasteurized and without any added flavours or colors. which helps retain all natural nutrients while maintaining an authentic taste.

Modern medical science has managed to find uses for raw honey in chronic wound management and combating infection.

About the Jamun Flavour:

Curious to know how our honey gets its Jamun flavour yet stays all “Natural”?

We asked the Honey Bees to help us out! Did you know, the Honey, bees produce get its flavours from the flowers it collects the nectar from ! So we asked the Bees to collect all the nectar from our partner Jamun farm to turn it into this delicious Amodiva Raw Jamun Honey – without any added flavours or preservatives!

You have to try it to believe it!


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