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Offerings of nature are umpteen! But only a selected few offerings are the ones which we consider as being priceless. Priceless, not for the our collections or as a show piece but for a better living. The selection of which can be considered as an investment in ourselves. Amodiva has been created to harness such valuable and hidden gems that the nature had to offer us but somehow have been forgotten in the hustle to move ahead in life.


What's in the name?- Everything!

AMODIVA : “Amod” (आमोदिन्) + “Diva” (दिव)
Sanskrit Meaning :
+ (Heaven)

Amodiva signifies a family. A family of hard working nature enthusiast, farmers and consumers that have come together for a collective social upliftment. An upliftment towards a better living standard through natural means by utilizing the best resources from our generous mother earth.

Amodiva has been created with the purpose of utilizing the best farm produce techniques to provide our consumers with valuable products for consumption at the comfort of their home. Products which are unique, natural and have with benefits that had been forgotten.

Amodiva products are naturally produced and unprocessed. What is produced is shared with you to relish.

“AMODIVA” – Happy way of living
We are local and we are vocal about it!

Amodiva Process

Curious to know how we make delicious and great organic products? Here is a brief of the process that goes behind harvesting the selected crops that reach your home:

Preparing the soil

Healthy soil means healthy plants. We don’t treat soil as dirt, we treat it with love. Soil is one of the most essential element in Organic farming. Organic and home-made manure or vermi-compost is used to enrich the soil, if required. The soil nutrients play major role in making the produce healthy and tasty! We make sure to keep the soil nutrient rich and fertile, throughout the year.

Selected seeds for the best produce

Organic seeds are procured or re-used by our farmers. These seeds have high and quality yield that does not damage the soil nutrients.

No pesticides or chemicals

The fields are kept chemical and pesticides free to make the process from sowing to germination – natural. Multi-layering farming - Crops are grown by multi layering farming process. By using the multi layer farming process, time for crop produce and final plucking is reduced. This reduces the time the crop has to wait in the field to finally reach you. Reduced soil contact – Most pest attacks are done from under the soil. At Amodiva, we promote, extending the crop produce over extensions above the soil. For example, all creepers are attached to a bamboo stick/cement pole to eliminate any soil contact and thus eliminating pest attacks.

Drip irrigation

Keeping plants well-watered is important for the plant growth and crop yield. Drip irrigation is one of the best techniques to make sure of it. Water is distributed evenly and slowly to avoid any wastage and make sure the roots are well hydrated.

Quality yield and crops

The above process makes sure that the yield produced by, our farmers, meets our standard of commitment and customer expectations.


Who we are

We work with and represent a group of farmers from the agricultural lands of India. We work day and night with farmers to support and assist them towards making the most out of their agricultural land and share their knowledge and experience to put into the Amodiva platform. Thereby endeavouring to uplift our hardworking farmer friends.

Our commitment to the society – not only towards individuals but also towards the environment- is what keeps us driving each day. Our commitment helps us make sure, that the best products go in for final sale in the market and consumption at your home

When you choose us you don’t only support us, you also support:

  1. A unifying platform for consumers and farmers
  2. Our efforts to uplift and provide opportunities to farmers
  3. Mutual learning between us and farmers
  4. Commitment to society and environment
  5. Better quality and natural products to consumers

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Our Products


Chemical Free



Why Organic


Organic means working with nature. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Organic means more environmentally sustainable management of land and natural environment, which means more wildlife and happy plants and trees! Whatever you’re buying – from fruits and vegetables, Cow milk to jaggery – when you choose organic you choose products that promote a better world! A happy way of living for you and for the Environment!


Organic is Sustainable

When you respect the land the land respects you back. Organic farming is easier on the field and enables the soil to bear crops for longer while keeping the nutrients intact.


Nutrients maintained

It is a proven fact that organic products have higher anti-oxidants and nutrients like omega 3 and essential fatty acids. Added benefit is that organic food products are nurtured with love and care and not pesticides or preservatives.


Carbon Positive

Heard of Carbon foot print? Organic farming not only reduces the ovevrall carbon foot print but make it “Carbon positive” that is the activity of organic farming goes beyond achieving zero carbon emissions to actually create an environment that helps remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!


No Genetically modified organisms

As the name suggests, Genetically Modified Organisms (G.M.O.s) are organisms that have been altered using genetic engineering methods. We all hear and know Genetically modified crops are bad for the body and the ecosystem – for the artificial improvements made in them so that they “appear” good to purchase and eat, but are not. Organic food at Amodivais made from seeds as they are meant to be in nature that is – naturally so that the best of nature reaches


Organic Synergy

What is Organic Synergy?

Organic Synergy is what we refer to as the benefits of creating multiple organic initiative in one place. The synergy is in the way the honey-bees at our farms help in pollination of the fruits and vegetable produce. It is in the way the waste products of the Gir Cow are utilized by our farmer friends as manure in the fields and for preparing vermicompost. It is in the way the dry leaves help in maintaining the fertility of the soil – the process of mulching. It is in the way the micro-organism naturally born during the cultivation process, help in keeping the soilfertile and enriched! It is in the way birds and insects keep the pest problems in check. The Synergy is everywhere. This help our farmers and us to sustain the fields through the use of the bi-products– a self-sustaining, self-reliant, and synergetic organic farming model. This not only benefits theconsumers but also the crop bearing land and the environment in total. It is a beauty to watch and experience - we invite you to visit us and experience it first hand!

Amodiva Store


Holding true to our philosophy of providing a selection of few hidden gems of nature and while working hard towards social upliftment, we at Amodiva have bifurcated our store into two segments – Amodiva Organic and Amodiva Kisan.

Amodiva Organic

Amodiva organic includes our home grown consumables which undergo highest care and most natural methods of production. When you choose products from Amodiva Organic you are choosing products which are naturally produced and have nutritional values higher than ordinary produce. Amodiva Organic products are chemical or pesticides free, which make them environmentally sustainable. Thereby not only helping you move towards a happy way of living but also helping in conserving the environment.

  1. Gir Cow Products
  2. Fruit and Vegetable
  3. Jaggery
  4. Honey

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Amodiva Kisan

In order to promote social upliftment of the society, we have tied up with the local Indian farmers who are supported by their years of experience and impeccable knowledge of farming. These local farmers take utmost care from sowing of seed to final harvest. However, they don’t often get the right price for their efforts and hardwork – because of long, multiple logistic and intermediary requirement. We at Amodiva get in touch directly with farmers and provide them this platform to pitch their products directly you – what is produced is offered for sale! You get the best from local farmers and farmer get a platform to easily put their products for sale easily to the ultimate consumers.

  1. Supporting farmers directly.
  2. Buy fresh produce from the farm.
  3. Fresher products than those available in market after having been transported and stored for days.
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Our Certification

Healthy Kidney

Gir Cow milk prevents kidney stone formation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Several national governments and a multitude of private certification and farmer organizations have defined organic agriculture. In the past, differences in these definitions were significant, but the demand for consistency by the trade has led to greater uniformity..

It depends on in which market and on what kind of product, the label is found. If the product is marketed in a country, which has implemented regulations on labeling of organic products and which has established an effective control system, the label can be trusted.

Information on and links to regulations on organic products in main international markets are available at this ITC home page..

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We are confident that we provide an excellent service to our clients and are happy for the public to read genuine feedback from our satisfied customers.


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We are confident that we provide an excellent service to our clients and are happy for the public to read genuine feedback from our satisfied customers...


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