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Amodiva is a family of nature enthusiasts and farmers who work together to bring to the forefront hidden gems of nature! Hidden gems which have tremendous health and environmental benefits to make your living a "Happy Way of Living"!

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  • Is Amodiva a Farm setup?
  • Can I visit your Farm and Resort?
  • Yes! We will be delighted to welcome you! Our Entry fee with food, farm visit and activities is for INR. 1000/- + GST only per person. Do message us on Whatsapp or visit us at to raise your booking in advance.
  • Is Amodiva Honey all Natural and Raw?
  • Yes! Amodiva Natural Raw Honey is what is found in nature and as produced by the bees! Only processing done is transferring from the bee hives to Amodiva jar of raw and natural honey!
  • How does the Raw honey get its flavors? You add flavors to it?
  • Big No! We never add any flavors to raw honey! The “flavors” come from the flowers from which the bees get their nectar. For example, if a honey setup is in a Jamun farm, the Bee hive will provide Jamun Honey! Interesting isn’t it!
  • Do you make your own Gur/Jaggery?
  • Yes indeed! We and our Jaggery Artisans from Uttar Pradesh having years of experience in making delicious and healthy jaggery make it at our farm and resort for your consumption – all natural!
  • What are Gir Cows, are they something special?
  • Gir Cows are a ‘desi’ cow breed from Gujrat! The specialty they have is their hump, which has the surya ketu nadi or vein! This vein has the power to absorb solar power which gets channeled to its milk and ultimately ghee – making it highly delicious and nutritious!